Investment strategy

Reasons for investment

Change in the shareholder structure

A company which is in a life cycle stage that faces a change in the shareholder structure or even a sale of the entire company has to meet particular challenges. In this exciting and challenging transitional period the company needs a partner who has not only commercial and technical expertise but also sensitiveness and knowledge of human nature. A change in the shareholder structure will only achieve sustained success for all parties involved if the integration of the various interests is incorporated in concept and strategy from the start. CHRILIAN AG has successfully dedicated itself to this philosophy.

Growth financing

Growth financing will set the course for further economic prospects of a company. In this context, young enterprises and entrepreneurs have to meet particular challenges. A disadvantage of the classic debt financing by a bank is that normally a security has to be provided for the loan in the form of land charges, bails, pledges or assignment of claims.

CHRILIAN AG and a network of national and international venture capital providers invest risk capital in young promising service providers. Besides providing capital which is normally needed in the short term we accompany and sustainably assist the management in developing the company’s business model. According to our investment philosophy it must be ensured that added value may be achieved for the portfolio company within the network of CHRILIAN AG.


Concentrating on core competences or implementing strategic change are frequent reasons that cause a group to outsource a company or a business unit. CHRILIAN AG and its network partners develop financing and strategic concepts together with the existing management in order to reach a sustainably successful market position for the services offered.

Scope of investment

Minority holding

CHRILIAN AG has committed itself to successfully developing its portfolio companies. To enable a company to achieve its economic objectives the provision of capital is important just like the access to a qualified and widely diversified network. Complementing various competences within the shareholder structure may be realized with the assistance of CHRILIAN AG and its network of national and international venture capital providers. The limited formal influence on the portfolio company resulting from a minority holding is of secondary importance for CHRILIAN AG. Irrespective of the scope of investment CHRILIAN AG always pays attention to the fact that all parties involved pursue the same interests from the start by creating clear incentive structures and legal relationships.

Majority holding

For the purpose of the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz) majority holdings are counted among the so-called "affiliated companies". CHRILIAN AG has always been closely connected to its subsidiary companies - a fact that has turned out to be an essential reason for our success. Being part of our group enables economies of scale by centralizing administrative processes and non-core competencies. This procedure allows our subsidiary companies to concentrate on the development of their core services – we call this the "principle of empty desk".

Joint investment

In many cases, gaining access to attractive investment opportunities is only possible if you have personnel contacts and detailed knowledge. Within the scope of a "club deal" we provide private investors and entrepreneurs/enterprises an opportunity to invest in attractive companies together with CHRILIAN AG and our network partners. By this form of diversification of capital investment, which is getting more and more established, CHRILIAN AG and a team of professionals enable interested parties to reduce their individual risk and to choose a scope of investment which corresponds to their strategy and their individual preference. As a member of a "club deal" every investor benefits from the bundled strength and the access to additional and diversified competences of our network. Only in this way, the necessary assistance of the investment going beyond the simple provision of capital may be jointly and sustainably secured.

Regional investment focus

Investment focus DACH

DACH is an acronym for Germany, Austria and Switzerland which is composed of the international country codes of these three states. The DACH region represents the biggest part of the German-speaking area.

We focus on the German-speaking area because here we can apply our business experience and our network in the best possible way. Our understanding for this region ensures that no legal, local, linguistic and cultural differences hinder a successful business development.

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